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See What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say...

J. Matteis from Burlington, ON says:

"No matter where I am, I know I can depend on Just Dial for all of my long distance calls. They've saved me hundreds of dollars on my cell phone bill alone. There's no need to cut my conversations short knowing it's so cheap to call. The name says it all, JUST DIAL it's that easy!".

A. Houghton from Burnaby, BC says:

"We do not have a land line and with our cell phones and we were getting overcharged on our long distance bills. I searched all over for an affordable long distance plan for my cell phone and Just Dial is the easiest and most affordable plan I've ever used. It's just so simple and such a no-brainer. Whether we are at home or travelling, Just Dial gives us the best rates period. There is not another service out there that offers the affordability and high level of service that Just Dial does. You guys are the best! "

E. Brooks from Nelson, BC says:

"Just Dial is appropriately named - it's this user-friendly. I enjoyed phoning around for months before eventually paying for what I used. I began adding other numbers I could call from to my same account. I'm always impressed by the full-service style of customer support considering this low rate."

G. Muenz from Vancouver, BC says:

"Just Dial is a highly appropriate name for your service. I program the local number into my phone for those people I call on a regular basis, and the call goes through. No PINs to remember, or cards to carry or replace. Your automatic recharge adds to the convenience. Customer support, which I have rarely required, has been stellar. There are never any surprises or hidden charges, often a concern with other providers. I tell my friends, Just Dial - Just Use It. "

P. Rozen from Toronto, ON says:

"We've been using your service for a number of years now; both from home, and, much more importantly when we travel. Connecting is easy, fast and the quality is just as though you're making a local call. This is important to us when we go overseas because the costs from places like Europe can be exorbitant. Refilling the account is just as fast and easy since it can be done in so many ways. I'm sure we'll keep using Just Dial for some time to come."

L. Mills from Mississauga, ON says:

"The service offered is Just Great!. No further need to be purchasing calling cards, with expiry dates as well as hidden charges. When placing a call, you are informed of balance of your account. By special agreement your account balance can be increased whenever the balance falls below an agreed amount, with this arrangement in place, you will no longer have any excuses not be calling your friends and relatives."

H. Moussavi from Williamsburg, VA says:

"I love using my service, especially overseas. I have used the service in three continents (Asia, Europe and North America) and have never had a problem with connection to my party. The service is quick and always clear. It is the best bargain and service I have ever used in the past five years that I have been traveling from the USA and when I am calling within the states. The other feature that I love is that I can access my account online anytime and fund my account using my credit card easily. The rates are great, too! I will continue to use this service and have recommended it to my friends and family. Keep up the great work in providing wonderful service!"

S. Grandy from Vernon, BC says:

"I am very happy indeed with the service provided by Just Dial. Having tried other long distance companies, as far as I am concerned there is no comparison. In addition, the customer service staff are always helpful, patient and polite. I highly recommend Just Dial!!"

M. Kendell from Georgian Bay Area, ON says:

"I have found Just Dial Services to be excellent thus far, and their customer service is immediate, professional, and responsive, which is refreshing when dealing with vendors in a virtual world. My client base is international and I apply the long distance services to my home phone, business phone, cell, fax, or any phone I wish to use, following very simple, user friendly instructions. I wish I had discovered them long before now. I would confidently recommend Just Dial to anyone who wants a quality, extremely professional and competitive long distance provider. Stellar!! Thank you."

S. Paul Williams from Winnipeg, MB says:

"My name is Paul and I am a disabled person on an extremely limited fixed income. When I contacted Just Dial I was thrilled because I could purchase time from my chequing account as a bill payment when I put $10 on my account. I was astonished by the amount of calling time I received for only $10 and I also loved the fact I could add numbers to my account so I could help family and friends make calls they could not normally afford to make. Thank you Just Dial."

M. Babin from Quebec says:

"Hi, I am currently a University student in Quebec. I was finding it hard not being able to talk to my parents and friends back home in Nova Scotia as often as I wanted due to the high costs of long distance calling. One of my sisters then told me about JustDial.ca so I checked it out and compared the fees to other calling services. One I found out it was the lowest rate around, I immediately signed up. I have had no trouble whatsoever with JustDial.ca and I find myself recommending it to other university students. It was the investment I've made."

P. Shrestha from Toronto, ON says:

"I hate remembering to buy calling cards and more so to scratch the card and enter PIN and the whole ordeal. With Just Dial its convenient to, as the name suggests, just dial their number from my phone book and then enter my destination number. You can refill your account when it dips below a certain amount automatically and do everything online. Thanks for reconnecting me with my family and friends again."

A & S Fish from Niagara say:

"After spending many winters in Florida and struggling with long distance service to Canada,we found Just Dial. We prepaid and the service has been great. It has been so convenient, economical and would strongly recommend it....in fact, we have already done so to many friends. We always know our time remaining and can check on our account on line. We will continue to use Just Dial in the future."

M. Ali Khan from Vancouver, BC says:

"After trying it, I couldn't have asked for better results. This is a no hidden fees straight up service. You simply pay the listed rate per minute for the country you're calling which is deducted from your balance. Either you make a 1 minute call or you talk straight up to your balance, you will always get those full listed minutes honestly. You can see your call history online (numbers, duration, minutes, and cost) and you can register phone numbers on the account so you don't have to enter any info besides destination phone number. Setup was quick (charged $10 to my credit card) and I was calling India in two minutes and talked for well over an hour and still have half my $10 left to use. Even their customer service is very easy to use and friendly. Their agents are always standing by to assist you in every situation, regardless of the problem they will listen understand and do the job accordingly to make you happy. Being myself in Vancouver their local number quickly became a new entry in my cell phone book. Great Service! The turnaround time is instant... no waiting; no hassle for account activation and pinless service. I had been looking for a global calling card for months and was leery of both big-name companies that charge exorbitant fees and not-so-big-names that seem deceptive. Then I stumbled upon your name via a search engine, and I think that yours is my best international calling plan in years! I'll definitely recommend your company to any of my family and friends. Keep up the wonderful job! Everybody can make money in this world, but there is only some who earn respect and trust. And you are on that list!"

P. Brehm from Cloverdale, BC says:

"I do considerable business with my cell phone. I had been getting killed with long distance rates with my cell phone contract for years now, and I could find no other cell provider with rates any better. When I found out about Just Dial from my brother, I was a little skeptical, but after the first month, the savings were huge and my "Just Dial" account seems to last and last. I speed dial the access number, and it is immediate. I have never had a bad line or an interruption. This is great! Thanks folks."

D. Ramsden from Blenheim, ON says:

"Just Dial is the best plan I've ever had. No hassles and no worries about having enough time to make a phone call. Easy to make payments to top up my minutes. Worry free and hassle free makes calling long distance a wonderful experience. I can't imagine ever using anything else for the numerous calls I make. I'm a frequent caller to Canada, US, and the UK and the money I save on long distance calling is phenomenal. If you haven't signed up for Just Dial, you're missing out on some incredible savings!"

J. Forbes from Chilliwack, BC says:

"We have children living in 3 different countries in the world. Just Dial has been a huge means of us being able to stay in touch with our kids easily. The rates are very reasonable - in fact the best we found when we did some research. We are able to top up our minutes with a direct debit from our bank account. After we dial the number, we are told how many minutes of talk time we have left in our account. It's a great system."

R. Lepra from Etobicoke, ON says:

"We are delighted with your service, the rates are excellent and the connections reliable; additionally, the fact of loading my account automatically with my credit card is very handy, no needs to worry about running out of time. Your number is assigned to one of the memories of our phone, so to call long distance we just make the phone to dial the number, the rest is easy!"

N & S Grenier from Christina Lake, BC say:

"We live in a remote area of Southern BC where there are few alternative long distance service providers other than Telus. Fortunately, for us “Just Dial” works very well in our area and it is extremely competitive offering the best long distance prices per minute. We have it set it up on automatic reload with our credit card and that way we never run out of minutes. We had one incident initially at set up where we were charged $20 in error but the company immediately took necessary steps to reimburse us. Overall, we find this service economical and hassle free. We rate this service as A+. "

J. Ditner from Brockville, ON says:

"Just Dial has been amazing. I am very happy with the service. The customer service reps are always very friendly and helpful. The rates are the best anywhere and have had great experiences with voice quality of my long distance calls. I have recommended Just Dial to my whole family!"

R. Suttie from Kamloops, BC says:

"Just Dial has run very smoothly for me. I know when my time is getting low as it tells you when you use it, how much time you have remaining. Other members of my family have switched to Just Dial, and are saving lots of money doing it. I appreciate not having to pay a monthly rate whether you use all the time or not. I never use enough time to make those plans pay. With Just Dial, I only pay for what I use. With the numbers that are available when calling from other parts of the country or world, you are still getting good rates when calling. Keep up the good work, Thanks."

C. Fisico from Peterborough, ON says:

"I have been using Just Dial for over half a year now. The rates are great and it is very easy to use. I never have a problem and there are no surprise fees. My business long distance is with Bell and I had a fixed rate plan as part of a package. Then they started charging me a $2.00 Long distance access fee. Now that fee has been raised to $5.20. Thank you Just Dial for a straightforward honest Service."

A. Dubidad from Vancouver, BC says:

"I must admit that when I first did an online search for long distance service in Vancouver and came across Just Dial, I really had my doubts. I wondered if it was a scam, I worried that I would be financially taken to the cleaners, or that Just Dial, was just another "fly by night" service that was here today and gone tomorrow. I have been a customer for quite sometime now, and I am more than pleased to report that you have stood by every claim you made, you have saved me tremendously on my long distance service, and most importantly, you are honest. I have had to call the customer service department on a couple of occasions and the representatives are pleasant and helpful. I will recommend you to all my friends and relatives. Thank you for giving me another alternative besides Telus."

N. Jack from Ottawa, ON says:

"I travel frequently, and my family needs an inexpensive way to keep in touch with me when I'm out of the country. Just Dial provides great service and low rates, allowing us to talk frequently, even when I'm thousands of kilometers away. It sure takes the edge off those lonely days when the family calls!"

A. Babadjanov from North Vancouver, BC says:

"The service works excellent. I have used other cards and they had connection problems and bad quality at peak times. Just Dial always had a free connection. Moreover, the quality is also better than all VOIP solutions I have tried. For the competitive rates it has, it is certainly worth it. Recharging on the phone is instantaneous and customer service just does it hassle free. I never had to use customer service for anything else and I didn’t have any problems. I never thought of even asking for a refund. I have been using the service for a couple of months now calling the US, Germany and Bulgaria."

M. Fogg from Mississauga, ON says:

"We have kids in New York, London, England and Seoul, Korea. Just Dial has allowed us to stay in regular contact at extremely reasonable rates. We don't hesitate to pick up the phone to call friends and family and still have cut our monthly phone bills substantially since using Just Dial for all our long distance calls. Other carriers’ rate plans only gave us good rates for either North America or selected overseas locations. With Just Dial we can phone anywhere we want for 4 cents a minute or less. We tried phone cards and wasted money trying to get connections and watched our time on the cards expire or endured terrible reception. With Just Dial we have never had a problem getting a connection and the online payment method is convenient and very straightforward. The detailed billing is also wonderful for tracking our billable calls for business purposes."

C. Tabaka from New Westminster, BC says:

"We started using Just Dial Group over a year ago and we would never go back to using long distance with a phone company again. Not only is it so much cheaper, the customer service I have received from Just Dial Group is always helpful and efficient. This service is easy to use and the best part is you can use a credit card or charge it through your pay pal account. Having multiple payment options makes this service even more convenient. I just cannot say enough good things about Just Dial Group, I would recommend it to anyone! "

Y. Jackman from Cranbrook, BC says:

"Just Dial is great. It is the cheapest that I have found for my long distance. I add minutes by Internet payment, which is easiest for me. Anytime that I have called customer Service, they have been very accommodating. And I love the no hassle, no hidden fees. "

R. Stransky says:

"The service you provide is absolutely amazing. The customer service is extraordinary. You are always reachable by phone whenever I need assistance. I’ve been using your service for 2+ years and will continue to do so. Thanks for providing such an invaluable service."

L. Rosebush from Fort Enslon, BC says:

"A service true to its word!! No Hidden fees, take it right from my account. Almost ALL calling cards and long distance providers could not would not and will not include our region which, yes is in BC, but because we live north we are not included. Tried Primus, Sprint...no one services here. You know it costs my family more to call here too!! I signed up added the 1800 number to speed dial and away I went. I am now saving 100s I really mean 100s of dollars on long distance and you know the best part? No OMG a 500 dollar phone bill!!!! Thanks JUST DIAL for allowing me to keep in touch, at an affordable rate!!!"

C. Dooley from Halifax, NS says:

"I have been a customer of Just Dial for over a year now. The rates are incredible, no connection fees and service that is seamless. I can easily recharge my account through the 24/7 Customer Service center. Clearly Just Dial is the most efficient long distance provider I could find. It keeps me in touch with my family and friends at rates I can afford."

M. Brand from Hubley, NS says:

"I have been using Just Dial for over six months and I really enjoy its simplicity. As soon as my balance falls bellow $10 it is automatically topped up from my credit card. My son who lives in St John’s has registered phone # also, so he can call home on my account."

L. Smith from Ottawa, ON says:

"When we moved away from our family and friends, I was so happy to find Just Dial for our long distance. With Just Dial, I don't need to worry about long phone calls costing too much, and just enjoy the conversation. With their excellent rates, several convenient recharge options, and excellent customer service, they are an A-1 company!"

M. Strome from Victoria, BC says:

"Just Dial offers an ultra-reliable, economical long distance service from anywhere in Canada and the U.S. to anywhere in the world. The per minute rates are unbeatable. Most importantly, unlike most other low cost services, there are no hidden administrative charges or extra charges for the first minute. The voice quality equals that of any of the higher priced services. "

K. Wimmer from Surrey, BC says:

"So, finally, a reasonable, long distance service that even my daughter will use. We were looking for a way to stay in touch with our Florida, Collegebound teenager. Just Dial meets all our needs, low cost ,good voice quality and easy enough to use that our daughter actually calls us. I would recommend the service to anyone."

A. Arkoub from Montreal, QC says:

"It’s been a few months since I first started using the Just Dial long distance phone service. I must admit that I am more than satisfied with the quality of the sound, the swiftness with which the communication is established and the non-interruption of the call. It’s also easy to manage your calls as Just Dial provides an interactive website where you could have access to your call history. All you need is a PIN. I personally was astounded with the swiftness of their response when I asked for a PIN number to get access to the website service. One more thing, I was glad the service is compatible with any phone. I am using it on my cell phone to make long distance calls by calling local numbers. It’s amazing how much money I save."

B. Stoelwinder from Calgary, AB says:

"I have used Just Dial's service for awhile now. It has always been reliable, and the most cost effective method of calling my family across Canada, the United States, and Britain. Signing up was so easy, and my account was ready to use almost immediately!"

D. Hango from Montreal, QC says:

"I really like using JustDial.ca, the rates are very affordable for calling within North America and also overseas. I have never had to use customer service, which I think says a lot about how well the service works."

G. Kyle from Halifax, NS says:

"Just Dial is a long distance solution that works from all my platforms at a price that is always leading the competition. I have it set up as a speed dial on my cell phone and allows me to avoid the high LD charges that would otherwise apply. This is a good service that works."

K. Heikman from Vancouver, BC says:

"Of all the long distance services I have tried, Just Dial is definitely the best. It is inexpensive and SOOO convenient! I love that I can use it on my cell phone and home phone and just have to remember one number. And the best part is, there are no hidden fees!"

C. Lavoie from ON says:

"Thanks to Just Dial, I have been able to use my LD calls efficiently, No more waiting for Bills to tell me I owe way to much. They have made it easy for me to to travel and make my calls to family and keep me in touch. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!"

V. Schmid from Orleans, ON says:

"Last year my boyfriend moved to Edmonton, AB from Ottawa, ON. We needed a long distance plan that would allow us to reach one another anytime of day. Whether we use our cell phones or home phones we have saved well over a thousand dollars in charges by using Just Dial for our hours of long distance calling. When our account gets low on minutes, it takes less than 24 hours to recharge. We can even set an auto-recharge to make sure we never run out of minutes. Because we can talk to each other for as long as we want without worrying about how much it is costing, we are still together a year later. Thanks to Just Dial our relationship hasn't been affected by the long distance between us."

P. Brace from Warkworth, ON says:

"My daughter used Just Dial and told me about it. The cost is a fraction of Bell's rates and is applicable 24/7. The plan I was on with Bell restricted the hours of use for their best rate. I have had no problems whatsoever and am absolutely thrilled with the quality and service. I have told several people and recommend Just Dial to all. Thanks Just Dial."

A. G. Dahlen from Sherwood Park, AB says:

"Just Dial works great and is simple to use. I search the Internet and called the local telephone providers and nobody can touch their long distance rates. I previously used another long distance company card and when I tried to use the card, the monthly fees had used up the time remaining on the card. There are no monthly fees with Just Dial so all of your money pays for your long distance calls and you always know how many minutes are remaining on your account."

A. R. Kalfane from North Vancouver, BC says:

"I am using Just Dial since more than one year. It's easy, fast to recharge and lines are always good and calls go through without any glitch. I would recommend this long distance service to anyone who want to save money without compromising quality."

B. Karamchandani from Ottawa, ON says:

"I have been a user of Just Dial Services for over two years. Switching to Just Dial allowed me to make long distance calls without the user of cumbersome PIN numbers. Other imposed a minimum monthly network charge of approx. $4- which worked out to paying each month the equivalent of 80 minutes in long distance without making a call. Just Dial's customer service, by telephone and e-mail, is prompt and courteous. Credits are reflected promptly. I have experienced no problems whatsoever using JD's long distance services from various locations across Canada and the US."

G. Anderson from Kelowna, BC says:

"I have been using Just Dial for almost a year and it is outstanding. I am completely satisfied with their service. It is easy to use, their customer service is outstanding, and I would strongly recommend their service to anyone, and have!"

M. Robinson from North Vancouver, BC says:

"I changed cell phones (and my phone number) and lost my Just Dial info. I called Customer Service and the man who responded was very helpful. He changed the phone numbers on file and advised me it may take some time for the system to update. He gave me a different phone number to use in the interim, but I didn't need t because the "direct" number worked almost right away. He then called me back a few days later to follow up and ensure everything was okay. I thought it was excellent service!"

R & S Rowe from London, ON say:

"I have been a Just Dial customer now for about 2 months. In that time I have traveled extensively in the United States & Canada. My experience has been very positive. Just Dial has provided excellent service and the long distance process has just been made easier with Just Dial. I used to use a Bell calling card and there were so many numbers to dial & in addition, outside of Canada - the Bell calling card number is not always recognized. My experience has been very positive & I have recommended the Just Dial service to others who are traveling."

B. Pisko from Blairmore, AB says:

"I'm sure thre are lots of cheap long distance services out there and relatively cheap long distance "plans" – but JustDial.ca was:

· easy to find on the web
· lived up to their promises EXACTLY (rare these days)
· are exactly the service I need
· much less hassel than LD cards (fewer numbers to dial)
· gee, I've even memorized the dial up number
· absolutely no service problems whatsoever
· connectivity is NEVER an issue
· Sign up, you will have no regrets! "

J. Neehuis from Toronto, ON says:

"Your service is a Godsend for my son and I . My ex-husband lives in the Caribbean where the phone rates are very expensive. Your service allows my son and his father to talk to one another at any time for as long as they want. This affordable service has made the separation between my son and his dad so much easier. Thank You."

A. Salas from Vancouver, BC says:

"I have used Just Dial for a while, my daughter is using and she is very happy with the service, good communication, clarity and inexpensive. I will be buying more credits."

L. Ramos from Penticton, BC says:

"We do a lot of Long Distance calling in our house, and I have never found a phone company, or calling card that is cheaper, with less hassles than JustDial.ca."

B. Sinclair from London, ON says:

"Just Dial is quite simply offers the best value for long distance; they offer a far better rate than any long distance calling card, and it was really easy to sign up as well."

D & M from Wallaceburg, ON say:

"We like the affordable price for the phone service, affordable long distance when calling to the states. Easy to use the long distance when in the states when calling back to family. We like the easy ways of making payments and customer service 24 hrs a day 7 days a week."

F. Nababan from Toronto, ON says:

"I live in Canada but my family live in Indonesia. One night I wanted to call my family but my phone card was already expired although I haven't used it all the credit! Beside its great deals, with Just Dial, I don't have to worry about expired date or pin number! All I have to do Just Dial directly from my cell phone and I can add the money thru online anytime! I recommend Just Dial to all my friends here."

G. Russ from Surrey, BC says:

"Great service, guys, very simple to use, convenient and reliable - no PINs, no hustle. I use the service for more than 6 mos already and saved the whole bunch on money on long distance. It's never been a need in requesting a refund - everything runs just perfect. Thank you!"

L. Ross from Toronto, ON says:

"Finally a long distance phone service I can trust. There are no hidden fees or charges. It's convenient. I'm thankful for not having a PIN to remember. My parents are happy because now I phone home more often. All thanks to Just Dial!"

E. Smith from Victoria, BC says:

"The first point that impressed me with Just Dial was their rates. I make international calls on a regular basis and so having service at very affordable rate was an absolute must. The second point I was impressed with was the customer service. Usually I would have difficulty getting a line quickly through to the country I was calling. However, with Just Dial service almost every call is connected quickly and with so much less effort. In my opinion, the lines are more clear also making it a more pleasurable conversation with the party I called. I would definitely recommend Just Dial for everyone who is a serious phone user."

E. E. Krievin from Thunder Bay, ON says:

"It is very convenient to have Just Dial, my family can contact me without no pin # and I can call home from any very in Canada using toll free number."

L. Simionovici from Montreal, QC says:

"Hello! You provide affordable costs for me to call my parents in Toronto and my sister overseas. Moreover, the customer service is fast and efficient. Thank you."

E. Yong from Edmonton, AB says:

"I am particularly pleased with their rates and the call quality. Customer service is superb and recharging the account is a breeze. i would recommend Just Dial to anyone."

B. Relova from Calgary, AB says:

"We're so glad we found JustDial.ca. It's easy and affordable. We have it on our speed-dial at home, work and cell. It is the best deal around. You never get busy signals when calling their line, unlike other long distance carriers. Just try it out!"

V. Lee from Sooke, BC says:

"I have used Just Dial for long distance for one month and am going to top up my account again. I have been very happy with this service and the customer service is also excellent."

K. Charman from Colingwood, ON says:

"I've been using Just Dial for a few months now. The service has been excellent. The customer service was very friendly and helpful. Making payments is soooo easy. Having access to my account from a variety of numbers makes it very easy for my children to stay in touch no matter where they might be."

R. Sauter from Victoria, BC says:

"Thanks to Just Dial! I am saving a bundle on long distance charges that I once faced from my cell phone provider. Using my free evening and weekends, I can call friends and family abroad for CHEAP! I have not had any issues with the quality of calls nor had any need to contact customer service. "

S. Galambos from Welland, ON says:

"Just Dial’s convenience and price make it an unbeatable solution. Keep up the good work Just Dial!"

T. Hannam from Macomb, IL says:

"As a Canadian student living away from home, it was important for me to find an inexpensive, yet reliable, long distance service provider. Since I became a client with Just Dial Communications, I have never been out of touch with friends and family as a result of the great rates and quick account recharges. I have also been impressed with its friendly and efficient customer service, and hassle-free refunds; Just Dial has met every one of my long distance needs. "

D. Lazzari from North York, ON says:

"I love Just Dial because it gives me the freedom to use the same account from different phones, one account for the whole family and at a very fair price too."

C. Winter from Vancouver, BC says:

"Thank you for your excellent service. The voice quality is excellent and the lines are not busy. It is easy to use from home without a PIN number, and from payphones anywhere with a PIN number. A huge money saver when traveling!"

J. Pfluegel from Calgary, AB says:

"My experience with Just Dial has been very satisfying. From the beginning, the website has been very easy to use and the service had been very efficient. When I needed assistance with calling from out of province or with different access numbers, the operators have been very helpful. When updating minutes, the response was always quick. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to have inexpensive and efficient long distance service. "

D. Wong from Maple Ridge, BC says:

"Crystal clear communication- at rock bottom prices. Thanks Just Dial- you've won a customer for life."

A. Kumar from Calgary AB says:

"I have been using Just Dial for almost a year now and can highly recommend it. I use it regularly to call Europe from my cell phone in Canada, and the sound quality is consistently excellent. It's cheap and convenient and works extremely well for me."

M. from Gatineau, QC says:

"Just Dial... so simple, long distance rates at a competitive price. All in Canadian funds... No hassle to charge credit card in US funds and get ripped off by the exchange rates... With Bell, I had to get "SimplyTell overseas plan" @ $4.95 per month and then I was paying $0.29 a minute + applicable taxes to call, Anna now my wife, in Russia. With Just Dial there are absolutely no charges whatsoever and I pay $0.095 a minute. Since I joined Just Dial last August I saved more than two thirds of the Bell plan."

D. Blasi from Victoria, BC says:

"Too easy! With online recharge by credit card this is one of the easiest services I've used. No paper. No hassle. Just Dial and talk! Some great rates, gotta be said! Highly recommended for the out of town student on a budget, your money never expires!!"

A. Cranston from Calgary, AB says:

"I just wanted to say this is an awesome service! I've used other long distance cards/providers/etc, and nothing is as easy, reliable, and convenient as Just Dial. Keep up the good work!"

D. Hartinger from Chilliwack, BC says:

"I have been using Just Dial since Dec 2005 and they actually hooked us up earlier then I had been told that made me happy. I have found that there customer service is some of the best Ihave had to deal with in the past I would recommend Just Dial to anyone that needs a phone. Thanks to all the staff that has helped me..."

C. Rose from San Francsico, CA says:

"Just Dial delivers on its promise! I have no problem dialing anytime, anywhere, from home or on the road. I've called to Europe, and called from Asia--- and no surprises, never a problem!!"

R. Baldry from Vancouver, BC says:

"I signed up with Just Dial when my family and I relocated to Canada from the UK a year ago. We make several international and long-distance calls a week and the quality of service has been flawless. I have also used the service to call back to Canada when traveling. Calling is so easy, recharging is extremely convenient and quick. Above all, it's fantastic value - we have saved so much money."

T. Oehler from Lumsden, SK says:

"Dear Just Dial I want say that your service is great !!!I use it for all my calls and it saves me a lot,I have used other companies but my local phone provider was still better until I signed up with just dial!!! I will not use anyone else anymore I have recommended your company to lots of other people thanks keep up the good work!!!!!! and thanks for the cheap calling rates."

B. Stewart from Montreal, QC says:

"It’s about time I found a company that isn’t very expensive and protects the customer. I don’t have to worry about unsuspected long distance or hidden charges. 1 easy payment monthly. You can’t go wrong with that now can we. Thanks from 1 happy customer."

S & G from Whitehorse, YT say:

"Living in the Yukon, it is difficult to find affordable long distance service. "Just Dial" has provided an affordable, reliable and easy to use service that doesn't require the purchase of pre-paid phone cards. "Just Dial" offers a flexible automatic top-up plan so we never have to worry about making long distance calls to anywhere in the world. We have been using "Just Dial" for the past eight months and have yet to experience any problems or concerns with this service, we recommend it to everyone! We really like that before every call, you are informed of the balance of your account and how many minutes are available. There are no hidden fees, no extra costs and it is a very affordable and easy service to use. Try it, you'll love it!"

J. Rath from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories says:

"I would just like to say that I am so excited that Just Dial is available to us folks in the the Northwest Territory. As there is only one long distance provider up here in the Great White North, it is so refreshing to be able actually pay affordable rates to overseas and international destinations. I have referred JustDial to all my friends up here! Thanks Just Dial!"

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