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Easy Pay Service


Prepaid Phone Service: Includes: Unlimited Local Calling, Access to Toll Free Numbers and 911 Emergency Services – one time connection fee may apply

Call Return (*69)

Caller ID*:
Never guess who is calling again… with a caller ID box (box not included in service fee) you’ll be able to see who’s calling BEFORE you answer!

Call Waiting*: Ever missed an important call while on the phone… never again… with call waiting you’ll be notified of another incoming call, just FLASH the handset and you’re speaking to the next caller!

Call Answer*: Callers can leave a message whether you’re on the phone or simply not home—even if you’re on the internet! Pick up messages away from home, even save messages to playback later!

Call Forwarding*: When you are not home but expecting an important call, this is great. You can forward your land line to a cell, pager or any other destination you choose.

Three Way Calling*: You are able to talk to two different parties at the same time. Great for making plans with a group of friends.

Call Return*: Missed a call, this option will give you the number of the last caller.

Just Reconnect Combo*: Call Display, Visual Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Return and 3 Way Calling (Not available in all provinces)

Privacy Combo*: Call Display, Call Privacy, Call Answer (not available in all provinces)

411 Calls: These are used on a per use basis and are charged at $1.00 per use

Non-published number* (not listed in the phone book, online, or directory assistance)

* There is a $10 administration charge when Adding and Removing features.

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